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Home Security

Security Systems for Home

Whether monitored or stand alone our home CCTV systems give outstanding quality and integration as well as peace of mind!

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Business Security

Security Systems for Business

All businesses can benefit from our CCTV systems but our expertise lies in in monitoring construction sites

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Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Let our CCTV remote monitoring center take care of your premises after you leave for the day, letting you relax and not worry about intruders.

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Home CCTV Systems

AHD, IP or Analog?

The cost difference between AHD and Analog is now negligible, cabling is the same so the only choice is really whether to go for IP or AHD. All of our units support the alarm function, however, only the GN/GX/RX units support direct communication with our central monitoring station. The other units use an email alarm facility, which, as most of you are probably aware, can be a little unreliable so using emails for mission critical applications isn't something we want to do.

That said, the average home system wouldn't need to have any alarms on it for normal every day use as you only want recordings but we can incorporate a number of things into our system to improve home automation.

  • Garage Door Controls
  • External Night Lights
  • Remote Door Unlocking
  • Burglar Alarm Integration
  • Power Failures (Aquariums/Fridges/Freezers!)
  • Open Door Warnings

With our IP system it is also possible to have a camera located in an external location connected via another broadband line - as an example, this could be in the house of an elderly relative making sure everything is OK or simply keeping an eye on the carers.

There are also whats called WQHD - a favorable alternative to 4k CCTV as the video below shows.
WQHD Resolution Video