Business Security Systems

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Secure Remote CCTV

We use the latest in technology to ensure that you can view and protect locations from almost anywhere in the world. We can use 4k cameras or even thermal imaging to ensure that whatever the setting, intruders will be detected. Cutting edge software detects motion on camera and/or infra-red sensors pick up movement in an area to raise the alarm to yourself, or to our in-house monitoring station.

Access Control

With advanced electronic solutions we can ensure that you can have absolute control over who gains access to an area. With advances in technology there is no need to use personnel to look after an entrance, nor do you need to have traditional keys that can be copied or lost. After a short consultation we can provide access security remotely, so that you can save time and resources.

Remote Monitoring Experts

We have been on the lead of remote monitoring for decades and can provide you a service to make sure that you do not need to worry about security on your properties. To find out more about our remote monitoring services, click here.

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