CCTV Remote Monitoring

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Why Choose Us?

Many companies who claim they will monitor your cameras simply pass the work on to third parties who are just in it for the money. We have our own in-house monitoring station staffed with a trained and trusted dedicated team who will give your system the attention it deserves.

How It Works

The heart of our monitored system is the Guard Box unit complimented by a set number of cameras. When motion is detected the image is analysed by our system and the movement highlighted. This is then examined live by our team of operators before taking appropriate action as required.

Why Use Monitoring?

You can have the most secure locks and expensive cameras but, a determined thief can always find a way past a lock and the cameras can only help you after the event - and that is if the recording device has not failed!

By using our monitoring services you can have peace of mind knowing that someone is always watching and ready to take action. We can even record to the cloud to ensure that footage is backed up.

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