Vacant Property Protection

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Why Secure Your Vacant Property?

Every year millions of pounds worth of damage to vacant properties in the UK is caused by vandalism and arson.

If you don't secure vacant commercial property it may be targeted by vandals, squatters or other unauthorised visitors. Using new technological solutions we can protect your property and valuable assets in a cost effective way.

Vandals can cost £1000's worth in damage to a property and the legal cost of removing squatters from property can be expensive. If you have commercial property the legislation is different to residential property and it is even more difficult to remove them.

Allguard can use a combination of technological solutions and traditional security measures to save you costs and ensure your property is protected from damage.

Advantages Of Securing Vacant Property

  • Lower insurance risk
  • Deterrent from vandalism, arson or theft
  • A secured property will be in a better position for re-occupancy or resale.

Security Solutions

We can provide traditional security measures like steel products and secure locks with the added benefit of monitored CCTV and access control so that you are in a position to provide access only to those who need it.

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